Hyperfocus on growth & diversification

Every investment Is unique and so is every investor and their objective. With Assetmonk, the power lies in the hands of the investors as we curate tailor-made alternative investment solutions for

Better cashflow

through opportunities that fetch better rentals from stable tenants than other asset classes

Inflation protection

since property values and rentals typically increase in the long run

Efficient diversification

for portfolios that are stock and bonds heavy

Smooth exit

with predetermined exit times for favorable market condition

Predictable returns

that will enable you to earn passive income till the end of the tenure

The thing with traditional investments is...

The following things go unnoticed till the damage is already done to your portfolio.


Market linked fluctuations

Liquidity concerns


Let's compare the risks and returns


Real Estate



High Cash Returns

Equity Build Up


Hard Asset

Tax Advantage

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