The best of tech, safety, and industry-best returns.

The Monk is analyzing several investment opportunities for you. Here is what happens.

Asset scouting

for high quality, promising opportunities filtered out among tons of leads

Due diligence

for valuation, legal, and title by reputed partners to form investor-friendly deals

Asset listing

for portfolios that are stock and bonds heavy

Asset management

for a hassle-free post-investment experience and smooth yield distribution

Exit deal

with predetermined exit times for favorable market condition

We don’t ignore the red flags of investing

Risk management is stressful for any investor, we know that. Assetmonk goes the extra mile to detect and avoid any litigation properties that come with high risks. We use effective risk assessment tools to not just evade risk but also ensure performance at its highest caliber for greater profits.

Financial necessities don’t always come knocking at the door, hence, Assetmonk’s easy resale terms and flexible tenure options help our investors to easily liquidate their assets more than other traditional financial instruments.

The Assetmonk advantage

Here’s why you partner with us

Thorough due diligence

Access to quality assets

Asset & digital security

Industry best returns

Asset tracking

Easy exit

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