Frequently asked questions


What are the KYC documents required to invest with Assetmonk?
We need an address proof and also a personal ID along with bank statement to make the investment. The different type of KYC documents can be received post conversation with our sales team.
Do I have to be physically present to make the investment?
No, Assetmonk is an online investment platform. Investors can choose the investment products, find out all the details through our asset advisors, and invest from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world.
What is the asset selection process?
Assetmonk follows a detailed process. Investment opportunities from prime markets are scouted after a track-record evaluation. Through this, only high-performance assets are selected with growth potential. The next step is a careful valuation of the opportunities to analyze investment viability and estimate future liquidity. Legal due diligence and risk analysis are performed to finally construct a favorable deal with flexible tenure, risk, and ticket sizes.
Can I visit the property in-person before making the investment?
The site visit is dependent on the type of product as some products are investment based and does not require a site visit. However the updates of the site will be provided as periodic updates for the investors.
What will I own as a fractional owner?
The investment module is similar to owning part of the asset. To understand the actual structure of the investment please reach out to our sales team.
Are the returns guaranteed?
Typically the returns are a mix of guaranteed periodic payments along with a market linked variable payment at the end of the tenure.
Can we get a loan on these investments?
This is an investment product and loan facility is not available for the products.

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Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest with Assetmonk?
Yes only accredited investors can invest in Assetmonk as of now. Please reach out to our sales team to understand further.
Can I invest through my IRA?
An IRA is not a natural person, so the question becomes how are the accredited investor rules applied? The consensus is that you will use the individual IRA owner’s financial status to determine if the IRA will satisfy the accredited investor rules. Since an IRA is treated as a trust, it should receive accredited investor status if all owners meet the criteria.
Can I invest through my LLC, LP, Trust or Joint Account?
Yes you can invest through various other modes of investments also like LLC, Trust etc
Why does Assetmonk collect my personal information and how do I know it's secure?
Assetmonk collects the details to identify and verify the investor investing is the same person and is authorised to invest in the product. We use high level technology to ensure the documents are secure.